A lot of things happened today. Things that, singled out, weren't too bad...but together...AAAHHHHHHH!!!!! I felt like cussing today! Everything just kept piling on top of each other and (to say the least) it was FREAKIN' FRUSTRATING!

I am much better now (after some drugs and alcohol)...just kidding ;)

No I'm not ;)

Yes I

Sorry. of the things that helps calm me down (and I know it's nerdy...don't care) is working on code (html, php, MySQL, etc.) For whatever reason it helps me focus on things that aren't frustrating (unless I miss a semi-colon "nerdy" folks will get that).

So my question is...

What calms you down after a "rough/frustrating/make you want to cuss" day?


Matti P!

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Comment by: W. Patrick Jones
on Saturday, November, 12 2011

Driving fast. Playing tuba. :)

Comment by: Mrs. White
on Sunday, November, 13 2011

A good video game or a good book

Comment by: Matt Parsons
on Monday, November, 14 2011

@Patrick...doesn't sound so safe...I hope you're talking about a simulation. ;)

@Mrs. White...any good books you're reading lately? (or video games)

Comment by: W. Patrick Jones
on Monday, November, 14 2011

It's not like I meant "at the same time"! haha I used to drive fast in real life. Not so much now. My 2011 Chevy Impala doesn't compare to the '03 Subaru Impreza WRX I used to have! :)

Comment by: Mrs. White
on Monday, November, 14 2011

No Matt I wish, my law homework keeps me busy

Comment by: Matt Parsons
on Monday, November, 14 2011

@Patrick...I remember the WRX! I never got to ride in it (let alone drive it!) lol! You should get another one!

@Mrs. White...I'm sorry...I just read an article by Michael Hyatt about making more time to should check it out..."5 Ways to Make More Time to Read" I hope it helps you regain some personal reading time!

Good luck with your homework too!

Comment by: Mrs. White
on Monday, November, 14 2011

Thx Matt, i still find time to spend time reading his "WORD". but reading 150 pages for class is crucial. Waiting for break, I need a mental vacay. lol.. But hey at least im getting good grades. Hey thx to the fact you all broadcast live i can do homework and worship at the same time awesome!!!

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