I just wanted to share my morning prayer with you all...I hope it blesses you and allows you to worship.

*please forgive any grammatical errors*

Praise You, Lord Jesus!

You have given me another day of life and more-so another day of life spent serving You!

Praise You! My heart beats for You, Lord!

I love to hear Your voice and read Your Word!

You are my comforter and my nourishment!

You sustain my life!

You give me joy!

You fill my body with love for You!

There is nothing in this world that satisfies me!

Only You!

Praise be to the Lord who reigns from His throne!

The Lord is my keeper!

The Lord is my provider!

The Lord is my health and Healer!

The Lord is my wisdom and my counsel!

Praise and glory and honor to the mighty name of Jesus!

You alone are my refuge!

You alone are my God!

I will praise You always!

Even in hard times, my troubles don't match the greatness of my God!

Your faithfulness pushes me on!

Your faithfulness is like the solidity of Your Word...it is NEVER MOVED!

It is steady and unwavering!

It is my foundation and security!

In You I find rest!

In You I find peace!

In You I have everything I need AND MORE!

Praise be to my God...the Lord does not abandon me or forsake me!

You never leave me!

You are forever with me!

Thank You for all of Your many many blessing!

Thank You for Your many instructions...they help me make good decisions in life!

Praise be to my God!

Praise the name of Jesus!

I love You Lord!

I love You Lord!

I love You Lord!

You are my everything!

You are my life and breath and water and food!

You are my song!

You are my purpose and You give meaning to all I do!

My God, my God...let my life give You glory!

Let my life be a LOUD TESTAMENT to Your love and faithfulness!

Let people praise You for the abundant blessings You have given me!

Let them see Your faithfulness and believe and surrender and pursue You like a treasure!

Let them run after You without tiring!

Use me to expand Your kingdom and spread the Good News to the lost and the deaf!

Let everything that has breath praise the Lord!

Praise You God!

Praise You Jesus!

Praise You Holy Spirit!

How deserving are You of my praise!

I love You Lord!

I love You Lord!

Let my praise never cease today and be the foremost characteristic of my life!

Praise and devotion!

In Jesus Name!


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    I am Matt Parsons...Christ follower; husband; father; musician; social network enthusiast; beard grower.

    "Work hard to show the results of your salvation, obeying God with deep reverence and fear. For God is working in you, giving you the desire and the power to do what pleases him."
    Philippians 2:12-13   

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